This is the home of Mailmin, a system for remote administration and access via secure email. Commands can be emailed to the Mailmin system from any platform supporting secure (OpenPGP) email. Mailmin processes the commands and replies to the sender with the output. For a detailed description of Mailmin's capabilities, operation, and raison d'etre, see the overview.

Beginning with version 0.3, Mailmin can also provide anonymous access via ordinary, unsigned email; see here for more details.

This is beta software, so problems are likely. Please help test it, provide feedback and help to improve it!

Mailmin documentation is spread throughout the pages accessible from the sidebar. The sample configuration file also contains much useful information about configuration options. The documentation is available both online at the Mailmin homepage, as well as in the downloadable tarball.

Mailmin is Free Software licensed under the Artistic License.

Version 0.4 released

January 15, 2009

New in this version:

Version 0.3 released

February 8, 2008

Important additions include:

The code has also undergone a major overhaul, and see the changelog for other changes.

Version 0.2 released

November 1, 2007

Significant additions include the @wattach directive, recursive directory attachment with the @attach directive and on the fly variable assignment via '$' lines; see the usage page for details.